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[Multi] Wreckfest

Discussie in 'Games' gestart door Nol, 22 aug 2019.

  1. ageQned

    ageQned Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Die lukt mij ook niet.
  2. rubenpol007

    rubenpol007 Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Hoe is de multiplayer ?
  3. ageQned

    ageQned Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Weer een patch nu naar versie 1.05 zometeen de game maar opstarten kijken of ik verbeteringen kan opmerken.

    Multiplayer is erg leuk om te doen verders. Alleen soms ben je korter bezig met racen dan het wachten/laden en dergelijke, maar als je dat op de koop toe neemt, dan is het verder erg leuk om te doen.

    Edit o wacht patch notes

    Wreckfest Patch Notes 1.05

    • Fixed a crash in the server browser.
    • Fixed a crash in the user interface renderer.

    • Audio for remote cars no longer stutters.
    • The currently running prediction phase is now completed when switching to dead reckoning.
    • Improved client smoothing, reducing the stuttering the remote cars especially when viewed from the side.
    • Essential server info is now displayed in the lobby (click the server message to toggle)
    • Toggling ready/unready is now disabled immediately (a second, to be precise) before event start to prevent glitches.
    • High ping warning threshold is now 1000 ms.
    • Fixed a glitch in the chat that caused text to disappear.

    • Adjusted shifting logic, shifts occur closer to redline.
    • Adjusted tire pressures, so that front and back wheels have more or less the same pressure (and thus, different deflection).
    • AI now races more loosely and their raceline mistakes are more natural. As previously, the lower the AI Difficulty level, the more prone the AI is to errors.
    • AI now packs up more tightly.
    • Killerbee AI is now more competetive.
    • AI now uses maxed out Class A cars in the final parts of the career and randomly in custom events.
    • In Hateful Eight career event, the AI can no longer use Class B cars.

    • Steering wheel is now animated for AI cars as well.
    • Steering wheel of AI cars now follows deform (prevents the floating steering wheel syndrome).
    • Fixed Motorhome engine parts and materials.
    • Paint jobs and liveries no longer add to the vehicle price.
    • Fixed Motorhome tire damage that caused the wheels to occasionally glitch.
    • Fixed a number of incorrect value references.

    • Added fence in front of the spectators on the banks of Espedalen so that cars going offroad hit the fence instead of resetting after hitting spectators.
    • The cars should no longer get abruptly reset when crashing into the spectators in the Hilltop Stadium (at least not as easily as previously).
    • Hitting parked vehicles on Big Valley Stadium no longer causes a reset, and the vehicles have proper collisions.
    • A number of additional, non-specified optimization and collision improvements.
    • Fixed an antiportal glitch visible in the Motorcity reverse layout.

    • Adjusted the main menu camera views and tones for a more atmospheric result.

    • Added a controller preset with inverted sticks.

    • Music now continues to play over online track change when in-game music is disabled.
    • Fixed surface audio effect for sliding.
    • Propely balanced AI volume levels.
    • Master volume tweaks.
    Nol en B Tender vinden dit leuk.
  4. ageQned

    ageQned Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Ik vind de game echt leuk en probeer elke dag wel even een uurtje te spelen, maar die rubberbanding van de game is echt belachelijk.
  5. LapjeNL70

    LapjeNL70 Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Wreckfest maar dan in het echt.
    Zifnap en ageQned vinden dit leuk.
  6. ageQned

    ageQned Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Wreckfest rammers car pack vanaf nu verkrijgbaar

    Wingman, Buggy en een Bumper Car botsauto rechtstreeks van de kermis afkomstig.

    Zifnap vindt dit leuk.
  7. Jimmy J.

    Jimmy J. Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Zolang je geen lobby met 'botsauto's only' kan aanmaken is zo'n pack vrij waardeloos.
    Zifnap, ageQned en B Tender vinden dit leuk.
  8. ageQned

    ageQned Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Kleine patch notes voor versie 1.06 die vandaag is verschenen.

  9. Nol

    Nol Pulp Fiction

    Leuk Bevonden:
    4k support, private lobbies en 2 nieuwe banen...

    Zifnap en ageQned vinden dit leuk.
  10. ageQned

    ageQned Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Hehe klinkt goed ben benieuwd.
  11. FinalBob

    FinalBob Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Ik hoop dat deze game wordt toegevoegd aan gamepass. Lijkt me heel tof af en toe met wat vrienden online, maar als retail game net niet genoeg.
    RemcoM vindt dit leuk.
  12. Zumpelvelder

    Zumpelvelder Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Zit nu eindelijk lekker in deze game, toch wel een hele fijne arcade racer die je de hoogtijdagen van Flatout weer een beetje doet laten herbeleven. :)
  13. Chrizzle

    Chrizzle Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Tijd geleden dat ik zo heb gelachen tijdens het gamen. Geweldig wanneer je iemand aantikt, achterom kijkt en ziet dat die door heel de lucht vliegt.
    B Tender vindt dit leuk.
  14. B Tender

    B Tender Robot Unicorn

    Leuk Bevonden:

    • Two new tracks: Hellride & Vale Falls Circuit
    • Event voting in multiplayer
    • Player hosted public servers
    • Car customization in multiplayer lobby
    • Visualization for cars that just have been reset
    • Ragdoll can now be reset after driver was ejected
    • Support for DLC Modified Monsters Car Pack
    • Various stability & performance improvements

    Game version
    • Xbox:
    • PS4: 1.21
    • PC: 1.254741

    • Added two new tracks: Hellride & Vale Falls Circuit
    • Added support for DLC Modified Monsters Car Pack

    • (XB1/PS4) Users can create a public lobby which is visible in the server browser for everyone and has a maximum cap of 16 players.
    • It's now possible to change (and purchase) vehicle upgrades and paint job directly in the lobby.
    • Implemented track voting. If voting is enabled, clients vote on the next event after they're back in the lobby after event results, choosing from previous event again, or one of two other events from the current rotation.
    • Improved prediction precision of suspension geometry and steering, enhancing gameplay experience especially with high latency.
    • Players no longer disappear from the post-race results list when they continue to lobby after the event.
    • (PC) Voting can be enabled and disabled in the server config (please see the example config for more information).
    • (PC) A dedicated server can be now excluded from being joined by users entering Quick Match by using "exclude_from_quickplay=1" server setting.
    • (PC) Client is no longer kicked out of multiplayer when connection to Steam is lost.

    • Ragdolling no longer results in the player being wrecked; instead, the ragdoll can be reset back into the vehicle by using the reset button. As a consequence, the player will be only actually wrecked after the vehicle health drops to zero. Note that this also applies to the AI Players.
    • A vehicle that has just been reset is now visualized in ghost mode.
    • Limousine car is now slightly weaker.
    • Chase camera now avoid clipping into vehicles and zooms closer whenever a vehicle is right behind the player to make sure the view is not obstructed.
    • Camera no longer snaps into a position due to a bottom collision to the car.
    • Transitioning into and out of camera look-around mode is now seamless.
    • Improved "Intense" damage mode so that now the attacker takes less damage, as designed.
    • Backfire pop now works on AI and remote cars as well.
    • The wheels from Steel & Wheels DLC now have correct physical properties including mass.
    • The window bars from Steel & Wheel DLC are now correctly hidden when using the cockpit camera.
    • Roadslayer window mesh now has the correct weight.
    • Improved suspension geometry of a number of vehicles.
    • Improved Sofa Car handling.
    • (PC) Leaderboards have been reset.

    • Reset button key is now correctly hidden while holding reset button.
    • High ping warning message is no longer stuck on the screen after leaving multiplayer.
    • Quit prompt is now correct cleared after the event starts in case it was open in lobby.
    • Added a slight delay to the end of the Last Man Standing so that's it not as abrupt.

    • Mixdown improvements and other tweaks.
    • Post-race experience bar audio effect is now correctly stopped when user skips the screen.

    • Various stability and performance improvements.
    • On Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, the title automatically renders in 4K or HD resolution depending on the resolution of the attached display.
    • The game no longer sporadically crashes to "Out of Index Buffer Memory" during multiplayer.
    • The game no longer crashes when equipping "Racing Wing" on the Warwagon while trunk lid has been removed by another upgrade.
    • (XB1) Steering wheels are now correctly reactivated, making it unnecessary to unplug the device and then plug it back in.
    • (PC) The game no longer crashes to "Could not open file for writing: save/settings.conf" when settings file is invalid.
    • (PC) The game no longer crashes upon launching when certain input devices are plugged in.
    • Implemented wheel hub collisions.
    Kimi NL, Zifnap en ageQned vinden dit leuk.
  15. Zifnap

    Zifnap Cool and collected

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Mooie patch. Bijna DLC eigenlijk.
  16. Beltoni

    Beltoni GT: Beltoon

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Gisteren even campaign gedaan, gemiste kans dat ze dit niet co-op hebben gemaakt. Nu is het vrij droge kost.
  17. Nol

    Nol Pulp Fiction

    Leuk Bevonden:
    THE RACE IS ON! Woodland Dash Tournament Update OUT NOW! Introducing new Pinehills Raceway routes, Hammerhead RS.

    Gewoon via de GamePass te verkrijgen en vanaf vandaag; 60fps/4K on Xbox Series X :thumbs:

    ageQned vindt dit leuk.
  18. Nol

    Nol Pulp Fiction

    Leuk Bevonden:
    B Tender en ageQned vinden dit leuk.
  19. Alexknl

    Alexknl Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Wreckfest gratis op PS+, vermaak me er tot nu toe prima mee. Online is wel echt chaos damn.
  20. Flavourlicious

    Flavourlicious Game Developer Moderator Redacteur

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Chaos is precies het idee van de game
    Alexknl vindt dit leuk.

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