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Een klap voor Microsoft? Dunno, maar iig geen klap voor gamers
News: Peter Molyneux launches a fierce attack on ‘tedious and boring’ game controllers, revealing how he’s ‘sick to death’ of feeling ‘like a lab rat’ by being forced to use them.

Lionhead’s [Crikey, ex-Lionhead!] Peter Molyneux has had a hard time explaining to some people why he’s chosen to make Fable: The Journey for Kinect. So now, it seems, he’s being careful not to mince his words.

Explaining that he’s decided to be ‘more honest’ about what sparked his decision to use Kinect, Molyneux offered: “I am just sick to death of having my hand clamped to this controller – of having to be forced to use my thumb in a certain way, and having my other hand clamped to the other side of the controller, and having games say ‘No, you will do it this way, and if you don’t do it this way then we will punish you’.”

Molyneux said typical console control inputs make him feel “like some laboratory rat running around a maze, being forced to experience games in that way.”

Speaking in a video interview with Gamereactor, he added: “I remember the days when we first had controllers, when we used to put one finger on one button and then rock it back to touch the other button, when we used to flick the controllers… those are all gone.

“Sure enough, controllers are great, they give us exactly what we want, but that is so tedious and boring now.”

Molyneux said that Kinect offers a ‘feeling of discovery’ during play that typical controllers no longer offer. It’s time for a change, he said.

“Okay, core gamers are going to complain: ‘I want my thumb strapped to that controller’. But if we can give them a delightful experience, and if we can show them what it’s like to discover the gameplay again, I hope it’s going to be worth all the pain that it’s been to do it.”

These days Peter Molyneux is perhaps just as famous for his headline-friendly interview quotes as he is for his legendary career in the games industry. But any mouthiness is not a recent development, as we found out when we uncovered this set of Molyneux belters.
Niet Microsoft schuld dus dat die Fable games poep zijn, hij wilde het zelf!
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