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Halo 1 FTW
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Bron: Gamespot.com forum

- You no longer gather ammo just by passing over it. Now you have to press a button.
- KWKR is the first confirmed radio. Described as a mixture of Vladivostok and TBoGT's Electroshoc, playing electronic music ranging from k-pop to American trance. (NOTE: I think the guy mistaken Electroshoc with Vladivostok, which was replaced by an all new radio)
- A HEALTH remix of a The xx song was played in said station.
- Crews can schedule their missions though Rockstar Social Club. That way you can be warned in-game that your partners are going for a heist and such.
- Week days return and will affect gameplay (i.e.: Sunday most things will be closed and streets will be loaded at Friday night).
- Each radio will comment on the aftermath of the missions, like SA and VCS.
- You can place a bike in the Bobcat. It's implied you can do the same with jetskis using larger pick-up trucks.
- It's impossible to shoot friends (like RDR).
- Line of sight system works as perfectly as a stealth game.
- Some of the complaining were about more taxi cabs than normal vehicles in the streets
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